La Prima Luce (2015)

Drama • 106 minutes  6.2/10
Starring: Riccardo Scamarcio Daniela Ramírez Luis Gnecco Alejandro Goic Gianfabio Pezzolla Paulina Urrutia Maria Eugenia Barrenechea Mario Mazzarotto and others.
Released • September 24, 2015

Marco, a cynical and ambitious young lawyer, lives in Bari with his partner Martina and their eight-year-old son Mateo. Martina had left Chile and moved to Italy when she met Marco. Their relationship has run its course, however, and Martina longs to go back to her country with Mateo, but Marco, the loving father left out of the equation, is adamantly against the idea. The couple clash for weeks on end, until Martina abruptly leaves the country with their son, goes back to Chile and virtually vanishes. With no news of Mateo, time seems to stand still for Marco. Anguished and unable to…

A.K.A. DE: La prima luce  ES: La prima luce  FR: La prima luce  PT: La prima luce  RU: La prima luce